#BookReview: Journaling To Become A Better Writer by @DanielleLHanna

As a writer myself, I’m always looking for books to read on craft. In some ways, I find it cheaper and less time consuming than going for my MFA in writing. And my writing has improved according to my beta readers of various projects since I’ve started reading books on tips for the craft.

The first book I read on craft that helped me feel like I was actually learning what it means to call myself a writer was Stephen King’s On Writing. Changed my life. I quoted it for months after reading it, just ask my mom.

I came upon this book by DM offer from Danielle when she followed me on Twitter. Usually I roll my eyes when I get a DM from all the authors on Twitter but this one was the first one where instead of being asked to follow their Facebook page or Instagram account, I was being offered a free book that may or may not help me with my writing. Now that’s quite a loaded DM if you ask me. 🙂


Overall, this review will be short because I have nothing but good things to say about the book.

The book is eight chapters long and is split between the author’s actual journal entries and explanations of how the entry shows a tip toward making your craft better. One thing I loved is that after months of being told by beta readers to show, don’t tell, Hanna finally got me to understand it in a way that stuck. I’m not saying I’m an expert on it yet but I suddenly get the difference. The author’s journal entries read so much like fiction I was blown away. Her writing talent mirrors that of another favorite of mine, Cassandra Clare. I hope that after reading this book I can write as succinctly and flowing as Danielle does. Conclusively, if you want to become a writer or become a better writer, or struggling to sell books and wondering why, please consider getting this book at any bookseller. You won’t be sorry you did.



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