The Smart Cookie Philes is written and run by Chelsea DeVries. She considers herself a bibliophile (lover of books), melophile (lover of music), cynophile (lover of dogs), and a cinephile (lover of movies).  The ultimate mission of The Smart Cookie Philes is to allow people to come together to celebrate different forms of expression and allow people to express themselves however they choose without fear of judgement. It is a brand that promotes literacy and music appreciation.

She holds a degree in marketing with a minor in International Hospitality and Tourism. In July of 2015, following graduating from college, she struggled to find a job in her field of public relations. With a heart for writers, readers, and people in general, this book blog turned PR firm mixes different types of media to offer a unique spin on book and music publicity while also offering a sense of community to all who happen upon this site.

Currently, she is looking for representation for her memoir, and a NA romance novel titled Kickflip My Heart. For more information about Chelsea DeVries and her life, subscribe to her personal blog at justlikefire26.blogspot.com. She can also be reached by email at wittywriterpoet26@gmail.com.


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