Bright Ones debut album from Bethel Music Kids Shines a bright star from talent so young

Bethel Music is a household name in worship music but they also have a group of nine kids that write and produce worship music relaunching as Bright Ones but still with the same magnified amount of talent.

Hard to believe the kids featured are only between the ages of 12 and 16.


Young or old, Bright Ones will remind you of the light within you, who you reflect, and cause to dance and sing in reverent worship.


Song by Song Review

Bright Ones:  EDM-musicality mixed with lyrics that remind the listener that God’s love shines from within us.


pablo (96).png

Get Your Hopes Up:  Based on Psalm 30:5, reminding all who believe that they are living in the goodness that he brings


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You’re Gonna Be OK: A strong musical letter to all those going through various battles reminding those facing feelings of depression and anxiety who goes before them, and you’re gonna be ok.

No Longer Slaves: An EDM style to the popular acoustic Bethel Music worship song.

We Dance: My favorite song on the album because it’s got a dancy feel to it, and it creates an image of the worshipper dancing with the Lord instead of just dancing for our Great King.

Let My Life: A worship piano ballad that switches to an EDM dance jam that cries for the believer’s life always be a reflection of your love, Lord.

Never Gonna Stop: A worship song about God’s love chases after our hearts relentlessly, and even through the wild parts of our life story.

Spirit Move: A worship song making the listener aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the midst of their day to day life.

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Magnetic: An in-depth musical moment that uses imagery of God’s love being a magnet pulling us closer to him the more we believe in it

He Loves Me All The Time: A song that revels in the fact of God’s unconditional Romans 8:38-39 love for each of his children, and nothing can change that fact for all time.

Who You Are: Based on Isaiah 9:6, we can thank God for all he is in our lives through Jesus.

For The One: A song that reminds the believer they are a beacon of light pointing others to God & His relentless love for them.

Tell The Nations: A great conclusion to a strong debut from young people who are wholeheartedly passionate about spreading the good news about how Jesus saves.


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