#ICYMI: Nishe’s new song “Out of Place” is perfectly in sync

According to their Twitter bio, Nishe is a UK based alternative rock band which is made up of three guys portraying different environments, mixing energetic guitar riffs with urban grooves and cutting edge electronic layers.

Check out their song above and make sure to follow them on Twitter. I see nothing but big things in store for these three guys. This song has just enough rock and roll edge to be considered to be featured in a skateboarding video.

#MusicReview: Tumbler’s new album Come To The Edge will have you “on the edge” of your seat

Alternative rock is one of my favorite genres so when this band came up in my inbox, I jumped at the chance to review it. You could say alternative rock was the soundtrack of my high school years. It’s the music that gives rhythm and melody to every day emotions and situations but still instills hope with guitar riffs and catchy drum beats but it’s not sugar coated or melancholy like pop music, nor American like country music. Much like pop music, alternative/folk rock music is a worldwide genre that grips you when you least expect it to.

Hailing from Epsom, England, this band is made up of members Harry Grace (vocals and guitar), Richard Grace (vocals and guitar), and Dave Needham (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals). Tumbler was born two years ago, when a lifetime of family music and weekend kitchen concerts turned into something more. Harry started taking the music seriously. Dave happened along. A whole bunch of songs left the kitchen, took flight and turned into an album. They called it‘You Said’.Reaction was gratifyingly positive. In a world that already has over 37 million songs, it turns out there was room for a few more. In honesty though it didn’t change anything, we’d already started on a second album before the first was released.The thing is, you can’t help learning. Through the course of making ‘You Said’ they discovered some useful stuff and developed some new ideas. Out of all the material available they  began to understand what songs suited Tumbler best. Meantime Harry was growing as a writer and performer.

“Don’t Take Much”:  Musically, Tumblr as a band sounds like a mix between MGMT and The Beatles, and this song really showcases that. The chorus for this song is beautifully written:

“Trust and let it go/ oh baby, love’s stronger than you and I know.”

“Falling”: A song about falling in love and the start of a new found feeling between you and the other person. Harry wrote it and explains here that it starts out with the vocals because it’s exclamatory due to pent up emotions that he felt the need to express with this song. It’s one of my favorites off the album because I love the strongly worded lyrics used throughout.

“Nothing To Hold You”: Musically, it starts out sounding like a Patsy Cline song but contains amazing mixtures of sing-along worthy lyrics and folk musicality.

“Sweetest Thing”: This song has a lighthearted musicality that reminds me of a song you would hear in an opening scene of a romantic comedy.

“Week”: Another one of my favorites off the album because it’s just such a catchy, heavy guitar laden melody with a chorus that is lyrically sound: “But I/ I won’t run/ from this house we built from stone.”

“Winter Cold Heart”: Totally badass musicality with this track because of the mystique of the chimes used and how it really creates a wintry atmosphere. Very specific imagery creates a story that comes to life in this track, one that you will have on repeat.

“Diamond in a Drawer”: The sound of the chisel on this track against heavy minor guitar chords really sets this track’s musicality apart and I find it to be another one of my favorites off the album.

“Joanne”: This song is forty years old and has been passed down through Richard’s musical career. Dave added a nice piano track to the vocals that creates a melodic mystique to this ballad for the mysterious woman named Joanne.

“In Safe Hands”: Normally, alternative rock has a sort of “woe is me” statement underneath it but this melodic guitar heavy track is hopeful, and gives the listener positive vibes. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and definitely could be nicknamed the “traveler’s song.”

“Dial”: An acoustic guitar and melancholy vocals greet the listener and pull at your heartstrings a bit with this track about waiting for a call that never comes.

“Freedom The Cry”: The bomb alarm create a chaotic atmosphere with this political commentary track about what freedom means in today’s world whether you live overseas or in the United States.

To keep up to date on all things Tumblr as well as listen to their debut album, You Said, visit them at the links below:





#BookReview: The Women of The Rose by Dorothy Gibbons

When asked to read this book, I jumped at the chance thinking it would inspire me in some way to care more about breast cancer, both as a woman myself and as someone who has watched people (most recently my beautiful neighbor) die from it. I was told it’s a short story collection by the heroic Dorothy Gibbons.


Dorothy was the established founder of The Rose after working as the marketing director for a Texas area hospital for thirty plus years. She watched as more and more woman were turned away from proper care because they were uninsured and couldn’t afford the cost of a mammogram let alone the treatment that follows. Therefore, she started The Rose, a non-profit that pays for women to get the treatment necessary for breast cancer.

Right away, I found this woman to be a hero in all meanings of the word. Any way you looked at it, Dorothy Gibbons deserves recognition for her valiant efforts. Yet, this book wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It read like a memoir and had no grammatical or syntax errors but I found myself hoping my heart would pick up rhythm somewhere throughout.

I basically was waiting, wishing, and hoping that the book would become just a story about Dorothy herself. The parts that I loved were solely about Dorothy’s life:

  • When she falls in love and takes in Saucy the dog
  • When she ends up divorced and has to begin online dating at 50
  • When Saucy falls ill
  • The hike up the mountain
  • The stolen money scandal

Don’t get me wrong, I feel that this book is valuable and was worthy of publication. Yet, I believe it should have been reworked as Dorothy’s personal memoir. With that said, one of you will be lucky enough to read Dorothy’s book yourself by winning a copy! (U.S entrants only)

Dorothy Gibbons Giveaway

Giveaway starts today June 20 and ends July 5 at midnight! Best of luck!!!

#ICYMI: Float Your Boat by @RyanKFollese

I am so stoked that someone wrote a song entitled Float Your Boat because most of my life, you’d find me saying to most people “whatever floats your banana boat.” A common American phrase, Urban Dictionary defines it as meaning “soothes your soul” or whatever “works best.” It also can mean to excite someone or appeal to someone.

All these have come to manifestation in Hot Chelle Rae’s frontman Ryan Follese’s new single, Float Your Boat. Recently signed as a solo artist with Big Machine Records, Follese` is no longer just a pop vocalist but now a pop country force to be reckoned with.


Sounding like a song Luke Bryan could have written, Follese` released this track as a summer jam meant to be listened to on a party boat or for “whatever floats your boat.”

Despite being a huge fan of Hot Chelle Rae and still awaiting music from them as a band, I’m glad to have something from one third of the band, a talented singer-songwriter with one heck of a vocal range. Digging the country vibes, Ryan. Can’t wait for the album.


#ICYMI: Blow Your Mind by Greer

Devil horns included. At least that’s what I picture the CD cover saying of this track. It has serious bad-boy vibes from 19 year old Boston independent artist, Greer aka Christian Wilson. Blow Your Mind is an EDM pop anthem about taking the fast track when you meet someone. It has a very enticing rhythm and ear-worm potential lyrically.

Be sure to check it out below and to stay up to date on all things Greer make sure to visit his Facebook page and subscribe to his Youtube channel.


Bitter’s Kiss “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is a stand-out in vulnerability

Pop music is probably the music that you can say keeps my blood pumping when I’m searching for meaning in life. It’s the music that contains elements of hope, usually is brighter in tone than other genres, and most of the time makes you want to dance. When given the chance to review Bitter’s Kiss’s EP I jumped at the chance since I’m an avid listener and huge fan of most pop music including indie pop.


Bitter’s Kiss is primarily a vehicle for singer/songwriter Chloe Baker to showcase her talents.  Chloe grew up in a home filled with music, with a father who maintained a studio, a guitar collection and a band, and has been active in musical theater for years.  Chloe currently attends High Tech, an arts academy in North Bergen, NJ.  Chloe has been serious about writing music for around a year, and has worked with her father to record and produce her music over the past several months.  The reception has been incredibly positive, with a lot of encouragement to take her efforts to the next level.  Chloe uses songwriting as a diary and a means of exploring her world.  The magic of Bakers work though is that despite this sad and often strange world she still manages to find hope.

Released April 15, 2016, “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is Bitter’s Kiss’s debut EP.

Song by Song Review

“Bitter’s Kiss”: With a strong guitar introduction, we find in this track a story told of having to move on after loving someone so deeply, and that awkward place mentally and emotionally when you both love and hate that person. My favorite line: “You’re the devil and the angel on my shoulder/you’re my rock and my boulder” Baker’s vocals on this track really add a whole emotive element.

“Waste of It All”: With an old school  feel, this track tells the story of being the stronger one in a toxic broken relationship, who is the person who keeps the relationship going despite the waste that it is. “Somehow I can’t be loved” is my favorite line in the breakdown because it showcases both a strong vocal performance but also creates a deep vulnerability for the speaker of the track.

Love Won’t Make You Cry“: A hope filled track about love and how it’s really supposed to look like.   I like the softness of both the vocals and instruments, musically painting a vivid image of love being something that will embrace you instead of defeat you. It’s one of my favorites off the album for that reason alone.

“No One Will”: With the sound of a Carpenter’s song, I like how it’s a third party observer story that shows how this person is watching other couple’s hold hands knowing full well that their is a certain fragility to letting yourself fall in love with someone. Baker’s vocals have a certain haunting quality that emotes a sensitive, dreary side.

“The Rope”: When I first heard this track, I felt that it was mocking people who have faith but the background of this song explains the beauty behind the madness. Baker’s cousin was deeply religious but ended up committing suicide. A rain backtrack is heard in the introduction followed with minor chords on the guitar, it showcases the importance of staying true to one’s identity and finding something personally significant to make life

“Lovin’ Life”: Despite the dark world we live in, it is possible to choose happiness every day, and I like the positive vibes this song promotes. It has electronic pop influences that make the track cheery.

“Already Gone” Right away, I was intrigued by the overall musicality of this track, struck by how not only does it have an enticing rhythm but the lyrics and vocals emote a sense of hope.

“Too Far Too Fast”:  A reaction to watching her older sister go off to college and noting how quickly time passes. One of my favorites because it emotes many life lesson’s she hopes her sister takes with her on her way off to college and is lyrically strong. It ends the album on a high note.

You can keep track with all Bitter’s Kiss new music via their website and Facebook page.

Deister’s album Spines of The Heart is a brooding reflection

I only thought there was classic rock and alternative rock until I listened to Bryan Deister’s debut indie album, Spines of the Heart. 11700565_1170353296323286_7402019110996327945_o.jpg

Bryan Deister  is  trained in classical, jazz, blues,  progressive rock, and modern music, he writes, sings, and composes all of his music including the chorals, polyrhythms and unique instrumentation such as funk banjo and rice percussion. Along with Nirvana, Weezer, Voltaire, My Bloody Valentine, Bryan decided that dark, thoughtful, well written music is what he really wanted to be a part of. This led to him take writing music seriously and venturing off (from classical and jazz) into all of the 20th century style
composition techniques from John Cage to John Lennon. Bryan is working hard at Berklee College of Music, keeping up his  Writing and Composition Scholarship. Bryan says “Hopefully after Berklee I will continue to improve in all facets and be able to write interesting music without starving.” His latest 2 Disc Album of 23 songs came out 12/22/2015 and is entitled  “Spines of the Heart”.

Song By Song Review

Listen along

“All That I Have”: Right away, I was gripped by the electronic rhythm of this track, the raspy whisperings of Bryan’s vocals and felt like this track could be easily labeled a banger in the genre of electronic rock. It really starts the album on a high note.

“Responding Well”: With an overall haunting feel and musicality to this track with a long instrumental introduction, any listener to this track would respond and receive it well.

“In Her Eyes”: With a constant hum of a vocal vibrato against a war drum, this song talks about melting “in her eyes” because they tell a vivacious story because of all the things her eyes hint at and can be visually seen through them. It’s almost magical realism meets music.

“Have You”: Sticking to the genre, the softness of the musicality gives it the appeal of a rock ballad.

“Silent Screams”: My favorite off the album because of the use of rice percussion and the rhythm  of the track, followed by a seriously rad guitar ripping solo in the breakdown of the track, it just has the sound of a song that would be featured in a superhero vs super villain fight scene in a Marvel movie.

“Approaching”: A haunting piano ballad that creeped me out in the best way when I first listened to it, it discusses the end of an era, or of the world as we know it. Bryan’s vocals really add to the overall musicality of the track making it yet another experimental rock banger in my book.

“Brighter Dawn”: Almost sounds like a Beatles “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” style track, it’s a cry out to God with elements of sensing human weakness and needing God’s supernatural strength to carry you through.

“Into The Sky” Right away when I heard this track, I sensed great musical potential from it. With musicality that likens to fellow rock band MGMT, I like the vocal layering of this track. No surprise that this track is currently charting at #148 nationally and #5 on the indie charts. It is mind-bendingly beautiful.

“Gone”: Too haunting for my tastes, this track hints at suicide after a heart-wrenching break up or a loss.

“Come”:Haunting much like a ghost singing to you in a dark train or subway tunnel, the minor piano chords will stick with you long after you listen to this track.

“Today”: Definitely can be likened to a Kurt Cobain/Nirvana song, it’s incredibly haunting both musically and vocally.

“Nobody’s Angel”: With a pressurized air sound in the introduction against a minor piano track, it leads into a John Lennon style vocal performance with rhythms that could be likened to a Panic At The Disco track.

“Wait”: This experimental rock track is too demonic-sounding for my tastes.

“Emily”: I like the electronic rhythms of this track as well as the vocals as he sings about a girl named Emily.

“What You Want”: “Stand up, stand up and take it.” The lyrics declare from the beginning of the track and with chords that mirror church bells, it’s a song that fights to the finish.

“The Bread”: When I first saw the title of the track, I thought how weird? After listening to the track, I see that this track has religious elements and is another prayer to God, based off the “Our Father.”

“Always Further”: A clock ticking and drums introduce this track while Bryan’s vocal vibrato  haunts the listener.

“Seven Eight”: A follow-up to “Silent Screams,” it experimentally and musically hints at the joke that “seven ate nine.”

“Nothing More” A brooding organ style piano ballad that is nothing more for the listener than a track worth listening to.

“Sure”: I love the rhythm of this track and war drum musicality with echoes of vocal vibrato.

“Vacant Eyes”: Electronic rhythms and a heartbeat backtrack with lyrical themes that discuss loving someone so much you would die for them.

“Apart of Me”: With a metal-sounding introduction, it almost sounds like this ack could have been featured in the Mad Max film. And although it becomes a very strange piano ballad, it could still have given a certain experimental element to a movie that thinks outside the box. The track is thirteen minutes and 29 seconds long and contains a mix of the albums different musical elements all in one final track.

Check it out at http://www.bryandeister.com and stay in touch with all new releases from this artist by liking his Facebook page.

7/27: Pop music that packs the girl power punch!

When you think of the numbers 7/27 what do you think of? For most Harmonizers, this is the birthday of the girl group that keeps them motivated to chase their dreams and become bosses, much like it’s five founding members. Founded during the second season of the X-Factor made up of Ally Brooke (22), Normani Kordei (20), Dinah Jane (18), Camila Cabello (19), and Lauren Jauregui (19), they finished third on the show and signed a joint deal with Simon Cowell’s record label and L.A. Reid’s Epic Records.

Their debut album, Reflection reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 200 before being certified gold a year after it’s release in February 2015. Since they are pop music role models, they’ve gone on to have music featured in a Hershey’s commercial, become the face of Kohl’s Candie’s brand, and also the faces of the Clean & Clear brand. Despite their youthful ages,  each lady in the group Fifth Harmony is seriously smart, sassy, and fierce and no person can deny their music packs some serious girl power!


7/27 is the girl group’s second studio album released on May 27, 2016. Since it’s release, it’s debuted at #4 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Song by Song Review

“That’s My Girl”: Featuring writing from hit singer-songwriter Tinashe, this track features themes of female empowerment despite the struggles we face as women, and has a drumline-type musicality, melody, and rhythm.

“Work From Home”: The lead single off the album which was Fifth Harmony’s highest charting single to date, features rapper Ty Dolla Sign and is a “fun, flirty song” that’s musicality will have you putting in work on the dance floor. My favorite part of the track is when Ty raps: “She’s the bae, I’m her boo.” For me, this is the anthem of anyone who works freelance or remotely.


“The Life”: A song that should be used in a car commercial because of it’s EDM musical influences, co-written by Tinashe, this track discusses the youth of today living the life. Lauren said this about the collaboration with Tinashe, “She has really sick melody flows and lyrics. It’s very cohesive with us. It’s drawing from the same experience.”

giphy fifth harmony

“Write On Me”: A romantic track featuring musical elements of an acoustic guitar, is about drowning in someone’s story because you love them so much and everything about them, vocally the girl’s slay on this track. Co-written by Priscilla Renea, it features her signature musicality and songwriting style and produced by Norwegian DJ Kygo who gave this track it’s tropical house influences.

giphy fifth harmony 1

“I Lied”: This track is definitely one of my favorites because it’s got a great beat and it talks about how you think you found and felt love once before but you lied because this is love like you’ve never known. It’s a electronic love-ballad that references Mary J Blige’s Real Love.

giphy fifth harmony 2.gif

“All In My Head (Flex)”: Co-written by the girls and featuring Fetty Wap, this reggae fun and flirty dance track is hella catchy. It’s the second promotional single off the album and is definitely a future earworm that will in fact, be stuck in your head.

fifth harmony flex.gif

“Squeeze”: A melodic song written by Priscilla Renea,  it talks about wanting some comfort in a time of vulnerability. The squeeze is the action of a hug – a strong yet comforting hug. For all the times you need somebody to hug but there is nobody physically there for you, turn on this song and you will feel like you are getting a hug just by listening to this song – ‘Squeeze’. It features sample music from Fly by Sugar Ray.


“Gonna Get Better”: 5H Member Ally Brooke says this song perfectly expressed the emotions she was feeling the day they recorded this ballad. Musically, it has a reggae sound.

gonna get better.gif

“Scared of Happy”: Another Tinashe-written track, in this song, it tells a story about a girl who used to be unafraid and strong but got hurt. And now that she has found another one, but she is having second thoughts because he might hurt her or leave her (like the last guy did to her). She is afraid to love again because of the hurt she has encountered with in her past. It very much sums up the scars that betrayal and abandonment cause.

“Not That Kind of Girl”: Right away, when I first heard this track I could hear the 80’s style vibes. Written and featuring Missy Elliot, this track talks about a girl who has standards and isn’t afraid to let guys know what they are. To me, this track sounds a lot like Janet Jackson’s “Creep” but in a totally original way. This song is now my phone’s ringtone.

My favorite line is in Missy’s rap verse: “You think I’m a THOT? Forget that.”

missy elliot

“Dope”: A track off the deluxe version of the album, it features a signature Fifth Harmony sound with their in sync harmonies and vocal ranges. It talks about the vulnerability that comes when you care for someone but lack the confidence to tell them how you feel.

“No Way”: Recorded two years prior to this album original slated for Reflection, this track written by Victoria Monet is a ballad that talks about two people’s relationship and how everyone else views it but only the two of them no the truth of the situation.

Overall, Fifth Harmony once again did not musically disappoint and is about to embark on the 7/27 tour with opening acts JoJo and Victoria Monet, starts on June 22 in Lima, Peru.