Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Author or Publicist will specify when review is needed, if a giveaway should be used to promote it.
  2. If giveaway is needed to promote the review, author or publicist will ship any books themselves

And cover all costs therein for doing so.

  1. If an expedited review (rushed review due to publication date coming up or other promotional event author has planned) is needed, a fee of $20 will be required.

Fee must be sent to https://www.paypal.me/SmartCookiePhiles immediately following the request for an expedited review. Failure to do so will stall the writing and publication of said review.

  1. Once you’ve established a review request and it has been accepted, you are now an affiliate of The Smart Cookie Philes which means you are now required to share all social media and site posts that have to do with your book, or any sitewide outreach (ex: Holiday Fundraiser).
  2. Failure to follow this simple term will result in The Smart Cookie Philes to reject any future review request from you as well as to remove all posts related to you and your work from the site.


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Any questions can be sent directly to The Smart Cookie at wittywriterpoet26@gmail.com


Thanks for Understanding!

Last Revised: 12/30/16