#SmartCookiePR: Dove and Dragon Radio to welcome children’s book author and inspirational leader Oscar Redden IV

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May 23, 2020


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Albert The Albatross Taking Flight In Quarantine


Debut Children’s Author To Appear on Podcast Dove and Dragon Radio with M.L.Ruscsak


  Oscar will be sharing an inspiring and encouraging message with all listeners of the Author Talk with M.L. Ruscsak. His episode will be recorded on May 26, 2020 and will be available soon after.Dove and Dragon Radio is hosted by Author M.L. Ruscsak. A podcast where you can find out what the world of indie and small press publishing is up to.! You can listen to all episodes of the podcast here:Blog Talk Radio. A live book review of Albert The Albatross will be available after June 4, 2020.

About Albert The Albatross:

Albert the Albatross is on a journey sharing wisdom and Knowledge while traveling around the world.On the way he will meet and greet lots of his friends and we will learn what they do, and why they do it ( and what Albert thinks about it all )A rhyming story for the young and old !


About the Author:

Oscar Redden IV is the author of “Albert the Albatross: Attitude Equal Altitude”- a book developed to function as a blueprint to teach and inspire the youth about the values of integrity and respect.  Oscar grew up in Sanford, Florida- a close-knit community where everyone knows each other, and family is monumental. Oscar has a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and has spent over 6.5 years in Logistics with Walmart Supply Chain. Oscar believes that a positive attitude is more important than all skill-sets and is the X-factor to achieving your dreams. Recently, Oscar transitioned his career and is now a 5th Grade: Math and Science teacher. There he continues to share his influence about the power of a positive attitude and motivates the youth to be the best representation of themselves. He currently lives in Ocala, Florida with his Wife. Please visit his website at Albert The Albatross.

Dove and Dragon Radio

Hear Oscar Redden IV on air!

#SmartCookiePR:Oscar Redden Is Helping Kids With his Book ‘Albert the Albatross: Attitude Equals Altitude’ (Be A Force Podcast)

The Be A Force podcast featuring children’s book author Oscar Redden IV talk about helping kids with his book Albert The Albatross teaching children the power of a positive attitude.

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#MusicMuses: Zach Williams will bring you straight to Christ’s heart with ‘Rescue Story’

Born and raised in Pensecola, FL, Zach Williams now resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas. In 2007-2016, Williams was lead singer of christian band Zach Williams and the reformation until they disbanded in 2012.

He became a solo artist with Dove Award winning “makes you want to dance” Church Choir, and followed up with another chart-topping song “Fear is A Liar.”

Released on October 4, 2019 Williams’s Rescue Story debuted on the Christian Billboard chart at #2, and includes a duet that saw a lot of radio play “There was Jesus” featuring country music legend Dolly Parton.


Song by Song Review

Listen to the entire album while reading this review

Walk With You: A song about temptation and how even in the midst of it we can walk with Jesus.

pablo (72)

Less Like Me: A song about wanting to emulate Jesus and the fruits of the Spirit.

pablo (75)

Rescue Story: The first single off the album and title track, it’s gospel musicality tells every believer’s story centers around the moment when Jesus rescued each of us and continues to rescue us each day of our lives.

pablo (76)

Stand Up: My favorite song on the album for its fun bouncy celebratory musicality about feeling overwhelmed by Jesus’s mighty power and love.

pablo (79)

Slave To Nothing: A bluesy style praise declaration: “I’m a slave to nothing.”

pablo (82)

Under My Feet: A song telling the enemy he has no power or authority here.

pablo (83)

There was Jesus ft. Dolly Parton: A song that reminds you that Jesus is always there for us and walking alongside

pablo (85)

Heaven Help Me: A song you sing when life gets heavy

pablo (88)

Baptized: A song about feeling redeemed

pablo (91)

Face To Face: A song about heaven and seeing Jesus face to face

pablo (92)

Overall, Williams will help any believer believe again, be baptized anew, and receive all the Lord has planned for you.

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