Jennifer Ervig’s When My Mind Winds Up Will Help You Conquer Your Anxiety #EndTheStigma #BookReview

FB_IMG_1575832681128.jpgAs someone who has battled anxiety and depression knowingly since the age of twelve, and who also tried to commit suicide at that age, I can tell you that this book was like a cold blast of a Bahamian breeze, an utter rest for my soul. When My Mind Winds Up is written in short devotional style so it is an easy and quick read and a great companion to your daily bible reading/study.

I liked the quoteable wisdom I found throughout especially when she quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, who happens to be my go-to guy to quote in times of crisis or distress, but overall, Ervig offers real-time solutions and walking each sufferer through their thoughts and helping them process, heal, and evolve.


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Get A Handle On Your Love For Willie Handler This Valentine’s Day Weekend

If you have a love affair with everything Willie Handler, you enjoy talk of martians and Mars, and you like to laugh, you should listen in. Author Willie Handler will be doing two interviews this Valentine’s Day Weekend.

“Writers for Readers” is Friday, February 14 on CHOP-FM 102.7 10_00 A.m. Local To Canada Only! (2)

The first will be 10 a.m. on 102.7 FM Chop FM. You can listen to it here LIVE at that time.

Other Storeis

The second is for a fun read of an excerpt from Loved Mars, Hated The Food and an interview that airs via The Other Stories February 17, 2020. If you prefer Itunes, it is available there as well. You can download it and listen to it as much or as often as you like. You can play it loud, you can leave it muted, or you can listen to it at a normal volume. Either way, make room for the martians of Mars with this fun podcast appearance.


#BookReview: Partition of Africa by @oliviadeard Plus #Giveaway

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Have you ever felt like you made the wrong choice or felt as if everyone was against you?


Struggled to understand why one of your parents chose not to know you?

Ard’s characters walk right off the pages and keep you reading from start to finish.

Harriet Greene is a student at Howard Knox University but as any college campus goes, her life is full of scandal.

Harriet or Hattie is relatable, vulnerable, and brave.

You instantly want her to win and the story and Ard’s way with words pulls you in.



#SmartCookiePR: Albert Took Flight in January and made some new friends along the way…

Our wise  friend Albert The Albatross reached new heights by making new friends and visiting similar locations but at new times. Sometimes the same town can become brand new if you visit it only an hour or so later or earlier than you did the time before.

Albert encourages young and old to keep a positive attitude in order to soar to heights they have yet reached, and to attract new friends to join them in this journey we call life.

This month, Albert visited a Fishing Tournament and a Block Party.

Both were in Sanford, FL.

The fishing tournament reeled in some brand new friends for Albert and Oscar.


The Block Party was incredibly lit. It was fun and friendly time to get down. 


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