Get A Handle On Your Love For Willie Handler This Valentine’s Day Weekend

If you have a love affair with everything Willie Handler, you enjoy talk of martians and Mars, and you like to laugh, you should listen in. Author Willie Handler will be doing two interviews this Valentine’s Day Weekend.

“Writers for Readers” is Friday, February 14 on CHOP-FM 102.7 10_00 A.m. Local To Canada Only! (2)

The first will be 10 a.m. on 102.7 FM Chop FM. You can listen to it here LIVE at that time.

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The second is for a fun read of an excerpt from Loved Mars, Hated The Food and an interview that airs via The Other Stories February 17, 2020. If you prefer Itunes, it is available there as well. You can download it and listen to it as much or as often as you like. You can play it loud, you can leave it muted, or you can listen to it at a normal volume. Either way, make room for the martians of Mars with this fun podcast appearance.


#SmartCookiePR: Albert Took Flight in January and made some new friends along the way…

Our wise  friend Albert The Albatross reached new heights by making new friends and visiting similar locations but at new times. Sometimes the same town can become brand new if you visit it only an hour or so later or earlier than you did the time before.

Albert encourages young and old to keep a positive attitude in order to soar to heights they have yet reached, and to attract new friends to join them in this journey we call life.

This month, Albert visited a Fishing Tournament and a Block Party.

Both were in Sanford, FL.

The fishing tournament reeled in some brand new friends for Albert and Oscar.


The Block Party was incredibly lit. It was fun and friendly time to get down. 


To be the first to know updates on where Albert will be through the rest of 2020, please stay tuned to The Smart Cookie Philes and Like Him on Facebook.

#PressRelease: Author of The Road Ahead Recently Interviewed Via Two Online Podcasts

Author of The Road Ahead Recently Interviewed Via Two Online Podcasts

Willie's interview April 4 (1)


April 6, 2019

Handler recently appeared on two internet podcasts The WFOD Show with Mike Moore

( on March 12 and on April 4, he was interviewed by Rick Nunske for My Future Business Show ( He is currently looking for interview opportunities, event scheduling, as well as blog tours.

Independent author Willie Handler’s book The Road Ahead is funny enough to make you forget you are reading about politics.

About The Road Ahead:

Rick Tompkins, a suburban Toronto insurance broker, never considered a career in politics until a good friend, who happens to be the leader of the Conservative party, asks him to run for office. He accepts the offer, with the understanding that he would probably not win, but can use the opportunity to gain some visibility for himself and his business. Jerry Switzer, a veteran party worker, is sent in to guide Rick through a campaign in a riding that hasn’t elected a Conservative in years. Rick fumbles his way through the election campaign and manages a surprise win but at the expense of saddling his party with an impossible commitment. What makes matters worse, Rick is anything but politically correct. He offends everyone in his path and stumbles from one political scandal to another. Still, Rick has one saving asset: a political party machine that is able to spin scandals to its advantage.


About the author:

WILLIE HANDLER grew up in Toronto and did his undergraduate work at the University of Toronto. He also has graduate degrees from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto and the Fox School of Business at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent over thirty years in various positions in the Ontario public service. before leaving in 2011. Much of his time in government was spent on auto insurance regulatory policy. He also operates a consulting practice. He currently lives in Thornhill with his wife and blogs at
To schedule an interview with the author or to schedule him for a public appearance, please contact his publicist Chelsea DeVries at

Downloadable copy of this press release


#BookReview: Boys, Boys, Boys by @jamiegraceh is a book made for girl talk

As previously mentioned, I’m so very, very single. Like Jamie Grace, I’m a 24 single since birth girl. Yet, I’m not even bothered by it because I don’t spend my time dwelling on it. It’s been 24 years and I’ve become accustomed to doing my own thing. I just spend my Friday nights with my mom catching up on DVR shows instead of hitting the club looking for love in a sweaty casual desperation.

While I wait for Mr. Right, Jamie Grace’s book reminds me I’ve already met him in a man named Jesus.#BoysBoysBoys

Published in 2013 as a response to Jamie’s Viral Video, this is an expansion of the things Jamie stated in that video: the answer to the daily question, Why Are You Still Single?

“I’m single because I choose to be.
I’m single because I’m waiting.
I’m single because I am choosing to wait.”
-Jamie Grace
In 14 chapters, Jamie addresses different thoughts on dating and the casual view on love that parallels Christians in today’s society. Overall, I related to everything Jamie addressed and felt like I was having coffee or a girls night with Jamie herself just having girl talk throughout the book.
It’s targeted for middle and high school age girls and is an easy read.
At 24 years old, Jamie-Grace Harper is the baby in the family, but has accomplished many incredible things in her young life. Jamie-Grace is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, actress, and spokesperson. In addition to her music, Jamie-Grace is also the founder of I’m A Fighter and is actively involved with other organizations as well. She and her sister Morgan sing together in their duo, Harper Still. Jamie Grace is known around the world for some of her songs, including “Beautiful Day” and “Hold Me.” However, most importantly she is known for the way she chooses to live for Christ and share her story wherever she goes. (From
Overall, despite the fact that my copy was missing two chapters (I wish I knew what they said), the book as a whole was exactly what a single girl needs: encouraging words from a friend who understands the single life, the Jesus way.