#SmartCookiePR: Albert Took Flight in January and made some new friends along the way…

Our wise  friend Albert The Albatross reached new heights by making new friends and visiting similar locations but at new times. Sometimes the same town can become brand new if you visit it only an hour or so later or earlier than you did the time before.

Albert encourages young and old to keep a positive attitude in order to soar to heights they have yet reached, and to attract new friends to join them in this journey we call life.

This month, Albert visited a Fishing Tournament and a Block Party.

Both were in Sanford, FL.

The fishing tournament reeled in some brand new friends for Albert and Oscar.


The Block Party was incredibly lit. It was fun and friendly time to get down. 


To be the first to know updates on where Albert will be through the rest of 2020, please stay tuned to The Smart Cookie Philes and Like Him on Facebook.

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