#SmartCookiePR: Cast a Line or Get in Line for an Autograph at the Get Hooked Sanford Fishing Tournament

For Immediate Release

January 09, 2020

Chelsea DeVries 



Albert The Albatross Taking Flight In Sanford, FL


Debut Children’s Author Appearing at Hometown Fishing Tournament for First Book Signing in 2020

     Oscar will be signing copies of his debut children’s book for children, parents, and grandparents alike at the  Get Hooked on Lake Monroe Fishing Tournament on January 11, 2020 from 12 p.m.-6p.m.. Come out and let Albert teach your children the heights they can reach with a good and positive attitude, the power of kindness, and the great gift of friendship. The festival is open to all members of the community at 307 E 2nd St, Sanford, FL 32771.

About Albert The Albatross:

Albert the Albatross is on a journey sharing wisdom and Knowledge while traveling around the world.On the way he will meet and greet lots of his friends and we will learn what they do, and why they do it ( and what Albert thinks about it all )A rhyming story for the young and old !


About the Author:

Oscar Redden IV is the author of “Albert the Albatross: Attitude Equal Altitude”, a book developed to serve as a blueprint to teach and inspire the youth about the values of integrity and respect.  Oscar grew up in Sanford, Florida; A place where your last Name meant something like a reputation. Oscar has a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and has spent over 6 years in Logistics with Walmart Supply Chain. Just as important as skill is, a positive Attitude is the X-factor to achieving your dreams. He Currently lives Oscar in Ocala, Florida with his fiance and exotic plants. Please visit his website at Albert The Albatross Amazon Page.


To schedule an interview with the author or to schedule him for a public appearance, please contact his publicist Chelsea DeVries at smartcookiepr26@gmail.com

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