#SmartCookiePR: Albert The Albatross Makes A Trek Across Florida

Released on April 23, 2019 Albert The Albatross is a bird with quite as much if not more wisdom than an owl. His words are short, they rhyme, and he speaks truth about life to both the young and old.

The author Oscar Redden IV returned to his hometown of Sanford, FL to do his first book signing at the Sanford Jingle Jam and saw a turnout of 5000 people. Following this, he and his pal Albert ventured over to Brooksville, FL to march in a Christmas parade which had a turnout of 3000 people. His final stop in Florida in 2019 was back in Sanford for the Food Truck Fiesta which saw around 2500 people.

Young and old were ecstatic to meet Albert and his pal Oscar especially being a hometown hero. Below you will see the author pictured before each event began ready to introduce the young and old to Albert The Albatross.

Albert 003Albert 002Albert 004IMG_5439

And here are some lovely new friends that Albert and Oscar made at each event. On behalf of the author, we are overjoyed and extremely grateful for the support of the message behind Albert The Albatross.

Look for new chances to meet both Albert and Oscar in 2020.

IMG_5429IMG_5436IMG_5430IMG_5440Albert 001

Aren’t in Florida or even the USA? Great news Albert can fly just about anywhere because he knows the heights you reach with a positive attitude. Get your copy available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Below you can see Albert even flew to a family in the UK. There is no distance too far for Albert because his attitude carries him very far.

Review of Albert The Albatross.PNG

Here is a comment that was shared by a new friend after meeting the author at the Food Truck Fiesta on December 21, 2019.

Met at Food Truck Fiesta.PNG

Albert The Albatross was recently recommended by Little Tykes and Tots Book Club.

albert The Albatross Promo

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