I am Restored Review

Gift Guide 2020: The Best in this year’s books and music

Book Review: The Haunting by Melissa M. Combs

Book Review: Unfettered Journey

Giveaway: The Chosen Ones by Lisa Luciano [review only]


#PoeticMuses: Cosmosis by Stefanie Briar proves love comes and goes in an expansive universal truth

#MusicMuses: Look at life through a youthful prism with NeedToBreathe’s Out of Body

#MusicalMuses: Third Person Narrations and Stories Haunt Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

#BookishThoughts: The Rose Contract by Scottie Kaye Book Review

#BookishMuses: It Came From The Sky! by Chelsea Sedoti Book Review

#BookishMuses: Book Review: Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

#MusicMix: Selena Gomez proves she’s rarer than anything American pop music has ever made with album ‘Rare’

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Willie Handler on Ghostman Radio Show

#MusicMuses: June Music Mix

#BookishThoughts: Stop Missing Your Life by Cory Muscara helps you learn what it means to be truly present in a distracting world

#MusicMuses: Zach William’s will bring you straight to Christ’s heart with ‘Rescue Story’

Giveaway Closed #PoeticMuses: Under The Shade of the Banyan Tree by Simi K. Rao

#MusicMuses: @HotChelleRae is back with a SWEET new EP Tangerine

#PoeticMuses: Evergreen by Kirsten Robinson

#PoeticMuses: Beyond Worthy by Jacqueline Whitney

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#PoeticMuses: Poetry Review Mike Mac’s Of Welter and Whim

#PoeticMuses: Interview with Living Lightly Authors Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander

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#BookReview: Living Lightly is a timely read in a heavy world

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Ariana Grande Album Review

Listen to Willie Handler on The Other Stories Podcast featuring an excerpt from Loved Mars, Hated The Food

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Win Billie’s Grammy Winning Album (Review)

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