Bitter’s Kiss “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is a stand-out in vulnerability

Pop music is probably the music that you can say keeps my blood pumping when I’m searching for meaning in life. It’s the music that contains elements of hope, usually is brighter in tone than other genres, and most of the time makes you want to dance. When given the chance to review Bitter’s Kiss’s EP I jumped at the chance since I’m an avid listener and huge fan of most pop music including indie pop.


Bitter’s Kiss is primarily a vehicle for singer/songwriter Chloe Baker to showcase her talents.  Chloe grew up in a home filled with music, with a father who maintained a studio, a guitar collection and a band, and has been active in musical theater for years.  Chloe currently attends High Tech, an arts academy in North Bergen, NJ.  Chloe has been serious about writing music for around a year, and has worked with her father to record and produce her music over the past several months.  The reception has been incredibly positive, with a lot of encouragement to take her efforts to the next level.  Chloe uses songwriting as a diary and a means of exploring her world.  The magic of Bakers work though is that despite this sad and often strange world she still manages to find hope.

Released April 15, 2016, “Love Won’t Make You Cry” is Bitter’s Kiss’s debut EP.

Song by Song Review

“Bitter’s Kiss”: With a strong guitar introduction, we find in this track a story told of having to move on after loving someone so deeply, and that awkward place mentally and emotionally when you both love and hate that person. My favorite line: “You’re the devil and the angel on my shoulder/you’re my rock and my boulder” Baker’s vocals on this track really add a whole emotive element.

“Waste of It All”: With an old school  feel, this track tells the story of being the stronger one in a toxic broken relationship, who is the person who keeps the relationship going despite the waste that it is. “Somehow I can’t be loved” is my favorite line in the breakdown because it showcases both a strong vocal performance but also creates a deep vulnerability for the speaker of the track.

Love Won’t Make You Cry“: A hope filled track about love and how it’s really supposed to look like.   I like the softness of both the vocals and instruments, musically painting a vivid image of love being something that will embrace you instead of defeat you. It’s one of my favorites off the album for that reason alone.

“No One Will”: With the sound of a Carpenter’s song, I like how it’s a third party observer story that shows how this person is watching other couple’s hold hands knowing full well that their is a certain fragility to letting yourself fall in love with someone. Baker’s vocals have a certain haunting quality that emotes a sensitive, dreary side.

“The Rope”: When I first heard this track, I felt that it was mocking people who have faith but the background of this song explains the beauty behind the madness. Baker’s cousin was deeply religious but ended up committing suicide. A rain backtrack is heard in the introduction followed with minor chords on the guitar, it showcases the importance of staying true to one’s identity and finding something personally significant to make life

“Lovin’ Life”: Despite the dark world we live in, it is possible to choose happiness every day, and I like the positive vibes this song promotes. It has electronic pop influences that make the track cheery.

“Already Gone” Right away, I was intrigued by the overall musicality of this track, struck by how not only does it have an enticing rhythm but the lyrics and vocals emote a sense of hope.

“Too Far Too Fast”:  A reaction to watching her older sister go off to college and noting how quickly time passes. One of my favorites because it emotes many life lesson’s she hopes her sister takes with her on her way off to college and is lyrically strong. It ends the album on a high note.

You can keep track with all Bitter’s Kiss new music via their website and Facebook page.

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