#ICYMI: Float Your Boat by @RyanKFollese

I am so stoked that someone wrote a song entitled Float Your Boat because most of my life, you’d find me saying to most people “whatever floats your banana boat.” A common American phrase, Urban Dictionary defines it as meaning “soothes your soul” or whatever “works best.” It also can mean to excite someone or appeal to someone.

All these have come to manifestation in Hot Chelle Rae’s frontman Ryan Follese’s new single, Float Your Boat. Recently signed as a solo artist with Big Machine Records, Follese` is no longer just a pop vocalist but now a pop country force to be reckoned with.


Sounding like a song Luke Bryan could have written, Follese` released this track as a summer jam meant to be listened to on a party boat or for “whatever floats your boat.”

Despite being a huge fan of Hot Chelle Rae and still awaiting music from them as a band, I’m glad to have something from one third of the band, a talented singer-songwriter with one heck of a vocal range. Digging the country vibes, Ryan. Can’t wait for the album.


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