#BookReview: The Women of The Rose by Dorothy Gibbons

When asked to read this book, I jumped at the chance thinking it would inspire me in some way to care more about breast cancer, both as a woman myself and as someone who has watched people (most recently my beautiful neighbor) die from it. I was told it’s a short story collection by the heroic Dorothy Gibbons.


Dorothy was the established founder of The Rose after working as the marketing director for a Texas area hospital for thirty plus years. She watched as more and more woman were turned away from proper care because they were uninsured and couldn’t afford the cost of a mammogram let alone the treatment that follows. Therefore, she started The Rose, a non-profit that pays for women to get the treatment necessary for breast cancer.

Right away, I found this woman to be a hero in all meanings of the word. Any way you looked at it, Dorothy Gibbons deserves recognition for her valiant efforts. Yet, this book wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It read like a memoir and had no grammatical or syntax errors but I found myself hoping my heart would pick up rhythm somewhere throughout.

I basically was waiting, wishing, and hoping that the book would become just a story about Dorothy herself. The parts that I loved were solely about Dorothy’s life:

  • When she falls in love and takes in Saucy the dog
  • When she ends up divorced and has to begin online dating at 50
  • When Saucy falls ill
  • The hike up the mountain
  • The stolen money scandal

Don’t get me wrong, I feel that this book is valuable and was worthy of publication. Yet, I believe it should have been reworked as Dorothy’s personal memoir. With that said, one of you will be lucky enough to read Dorothy’s book yourself by winning a copy! (U.S entrants only)

Dorothy Gibbons Giveaway

Giveaway starts today June 20 and ends July 5 at midnight! Best of luck!!!

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