#MusicReview: Join the Movement Sweeping The Nation Known as the “Love Riot”


The Newsboys are to Christian music what the Rolling Stones are to rock and roll. They have got everyone’s attention and have the accolades to prove it. The band hails from Queensland, Australia. It features Michael Tait (former lead vocalist of hit Christian band DC Talk), guitarist Jody Davis, bassist Jeff Frankenstein, and drummer Duncan Phillips. The group was founded by former members Peter Furler and George Perdikis. They have released 17 albums, six of which have been certified gold. Their most popularly acknowledged singles have been “Shine” released in 1995 and “God’s Not Dead” released in 2011, and used in the film of the same name. They have music that will be featured in the sequel God’s Not Dead 2. Love Riot is Newsboys eighteenth album and was released on March 4, 2016, debuting at #14 on the Billboard Hot 200.

Song by Song Review

“Crazy”: Musically, this song starts out the album with a bang of an invisible war drum. Lyrically, this song hints at themes of being known as a Christ fanatic.

“Hero”: This song features Newsboys guitar heavy style rock while boldly stating lyrically that Jesus is a believer’s one true hero.

“Love Riot”: Musically, this song is a piano ballad with heavy lyrical content features themes of walking love and starting a love riot.

“Guilty”: Featured in the film God’s Not Dead 2, musically it starts similar to their previous hit song, “God’s Not Dead” but lyrically it talks about standing firm in one’s belief in Christ no matter what trials or prejudice one faces.

“You Hold It All:” Musically featuring a drum beat against a piano track that accompany lead vocals that sing lyrics about God’s all-encompassing power.

“No Longer Slaves:” Musically, it’s a piano ballad of praise to Jesus’s great sacrifice on the cross.

“Family of God:” Musically, it sounds like a catchy pop Christian hit with lyrical themes of the grace of God being available to whosoever believes in Christ.

“Committed:” The track is one of my favorites off the album because it’s a bold statement of being fully committed in one’s faith in Christ for life.

“Earthquake:” This song sounds similar to “Crazy” musically but it contains more EDM-influences while boasting themes lyrically of needing an earthquake to shake one’s faith up when doubt sets in.

“What I Want Them To Say”: A beautiful conclusion musically and lyrically to yet another masterpiece from the Newsboys that hints on themes of leaving a legacy of faith. This track is another one of my favorites.

Love Riot’s musicality may be great, but it’s Tait’s flawless performance of the well written songs that causes it to stand heads and shoulders above its competition.

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