#MooreJacks: LumberJacks Need To Eat

Today I want to get right of the heart of the matter by  saying thank you to Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® brand for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Dinty Moore® beef stew!

Before I get to why I decided to try the stew, let’s talk about lumberjacks. Much like everyone else, lumberjacks need to eat, constantly, to overcome their rigorous training. Dinty Moore beef stew is a quick and hearty option for aspiring lumberjacks.

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Starting on July 15th in Chicago, there is a nationwide competition for lumberjacks and the winning ingredient behind every star athlete is the food or fuel they intake daily. That’s why I highly recommend Hormel Foods Dinty Moore brand beef stew.


When DINTY MOORE® beef stew was introduced in a big blue-and-white can no one could have predicted the product popularity that would follow.

Today, from cupboard to table in minutes, DINTY MOORE® products are great tasting, well-balanced meals that will satisfy the whole family. Tender beef, fresh potatoes and carrots all simmered in a delicious beef gravy make DINTY MOORE® beef stew the number one selling stew in the nation.

Canned Products

• Beef Stew
• Chicken and Dumplings
DINTY MOORE® Microwave Trays

• Beef Stew

DINTY MOORE® Microwave Cups

• Beef Stew
• Chicken and Dumplings
• Noodles and Chicken
• Rice with Chicken
• Scalloped Potatoes and Ham


• Big Bowls Beef Stew
• Big Bowls Chicken and Dumplings
• Big Bowls Hearty Burger
• Big Bowls Chicken Pot Pie Stew
• Big Bowls Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

• The suggested retail price for DINTY MOORE® canned products is $1.79 for the 15-ounce can, $2.69 for the 24-ounce can and $4.59 for the 40-ounce can.

• The suggested retail price for DINTY MOORE® microwavable products is $1.39 for the 7.5-ounce cup, $2.59 for the 10-ounce tray and $2.49 for the 15-ounce cup.

For example, I bought my can for $1.98 at Walmart. I found it to be a hearty lunch before a good writing session and was surprised by how good it tasted.

DINTY MOORE® canned and microwavable products are available nationwide at major grocery stores.

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I’m not to familiar with the training regime for a lumberjack who is looking to compete nationally that’s why I’m so glad Adrian Floygt is here to save the day and show every lumberjack how to be a lumbersexual.

• Introduced in 1935, Dinty Moore® beef stew is an American classic and remains the No. 1 selling canned stew in the nation

• Today, from cupboard to table in minutes, Dinty Moore® canned and microwavable products are great tasting, well-balanced meals that will satisfy the whole family

• The lumberjack lifestyle has been a part of American culture for over a century

• The lumberjacks many people think of today are not the typical axe throwing, wood chopping or crosscut sawing burly men of the logging world, rather, they are now typically spotted in a fitted flannel and trendy lace-up boots with freshly trimmed beards to match: the lumbersexuals

• As part of the Dinty Moore® brand campaign to bring back the true lumberjack, Hormel Foods went to the depths of Minnesota in search of a team of lumbersexuals to transform into real lumberjacks and, ultimately, compete in a professional lumberjack competition this summer

• The brand is partnering with STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® and professional lumberjack Adrian Flygt to train the lumbersexuals in core areas of logging and forestry, giving them the necessary skills to walk, talk and compete like a lumberjack

• The lumberjack spirit has been a part of our brand from the beginning, starting with our animated character that appeared on our product labels and in our ads, so it seemed fitting to become a part of this great competition and salute our heritage

• With the official lumberjack training completed this spring, the lumbersexual team—Lumber Michael, Lumber Jamin, Lumber Ben, and Lumber Ian—will now move on to compete at the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships on July 15 in Chicago Southland, sponsored by the makers of Dinty Moore® beef stew

• For more information about the journey to becoming a true lumberjack with the makers of Dinty Moore® beef stew, visit MooreJ and join in the #MooreJacks conversation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

• Hormel Foods will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2016

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Make sure to take the Buzzfeed Quiz to find out more about what kind of lumberjack you are, and check out all the hyperlinked images above to get fully engaged with all the ingredients to a lumberjack victory.



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