#MusicReview: Waiting For Sunday is on to something with ‘The Windsor Effect’

I’m still trying to figure out the mystery behind the Windsor Effect, new album from Canadian rock quartet, Waiting For Sunday. Affiliates

Waiting for Sunday 1


A jazz-trained bassist, classic rock lead guitarist, industrial rock
drummer, and indie-rock vocalist and you have Waiting For Sunday – a
unique blend of musical sensibilities with widespread appeal. Comprised
of producer and drummer Colin Everall, singer Dan Hudson, bassist Mircea
Tracke and lead guitarist Matt Gauld, Vancouver, Canada-based Waiting
For Sunday has recently released The Windsor Effect, a 12-track
multi-faceted album of diverse themes and styles. This new album is the
follow-up to their 2011 debut, “The Courage, The Strength, The Wisdom &

You can follow along with my song by song review by listening here.

Song by Song Review

“Pebbles Become Stone”: This a bit of a let down in terms of an album opener. I expected more from this track but found myself feeling all-around disappointed. Maybe there is something about this track that I am missing. The only great part is the guitar solo during the breakdown.

“Last Call For Safety”: I like this track from the beginning with the dramatic guitar chords that bring the track to life (almost gives life to me after the first track), it reminds me a little of a Cute is What We Aim For track without the extra bells and whistles. My favorite lyric: “We have run the river dry.”

“The Love is Gone”: 

This track is a bit of a conundrum to me lyrically but I like the haunting musicality it gives off.

“Tell Me That You’re Mine”: With soft guitar chords that remind me of a mix of a Taylor Swift love song and a Secondhand Serenade song, this track has to be my favorite because of it’s romantic feel.

“Long Live The Strong”: With a classic rock feel, this is another one of my favorites. My favorite lyric, “Nice to meet you but where the hell did we go wrong?”

“Wanted”:”Well there’s truth to the matter, with love comes sacrifice.” I really like the story this track is telling. One of love, rejection, and betrayal, all with music.

“Borderline”: The piano is a surprising solace for this track’s beginning. This track almost communicates a sense of yearning for whatever it is talking about.

“Chasing Youth”: The electric guitar really gives this an old-school rock feel, and reminds me something I would hear in a biker bar. My favorite lyric: “So I wonder why, the grass is always greener on the other side.” This track overall is another favorite of mine.

“Seasons Are Dire” The soft guitar chords along with the ballad like vocals, this song reminds me a little of a new spin of Death Cab For Cutie’s Follow Me Into The Dark.

“Details” Minor dramatic guitar chords and a heartbeat drum backing the vocals of what appears to be a track about a love that fell apart.

“Oh, The Night”: Probably my favorite track on the entire album because it has the makings of being a radio single that blows up fasts on the charts. I await big things from this track all by itself.

“Scripture”: Not really sure if I like this track at all and once again, I feel a bit let down by the overall musicality and lyrics. Then again, you be the judge as everyone has different tastes when it comes to music.

If this album spoke to you, and you want to know all of Waiting For Sunday’s whereabouts please make sure to check out their site, follow them on Twitter, and Like them on Facebook.

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