#BookReview: Instantaneous Profound Knowledge Abounds in “Instant Messages”

As much as I enjoy writing poetry, I enjoy reading it even more so. There is something so breath-taking about it. As if the thought in your pre-frontal cortex was exactly the words you are reading or even better, the words you are reading were not expressed but lay deep within you, and you finally found the perfect way to piece them together as you read said poem. This book was not only breath-taking, profound, insightful, and inspiring but offered me  micro poems or haikus of sorts that are easy to read as a text message from a friend. Yet, much like the author of this wonderful book, the friend has so much they wish to express that the messages must remain anonymous, and then they text you something that makes you say aloud: Wow. you mean somebody feels the exact same way I do? 

I guarantee that if the New York Times and the New Yorker get a whiff of the greatness from this book, the author will soon become less of one of anonymity and more of a media frenzy that will shuffle election talk under the rug for quite a while.

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