The Most Lit #Superbowl America Has Ever Seen #SB51

I’ll admit. I’m not a big football fan but I watch the superbowl every year since I graduated college because the ads are some of the best you will see all year!

This year, I felt that overall, the ads fell short.

What follows below are my favorite ads throughout the Superbowl:

I liked the simplicity of this ad. How it was all about the sound that happened when he cracked that beer. How he was just a woodsy-flannel wearing all around burly guy.

By far MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE because Hello, Bieber.

I liked how Justin was dressed like a nerd in a tux, and it was football related but incorporated T-Mobile’s new #UnlimitedMoves campaign.

Who doesn’t like Melissa McCarthy? Other than that, it gave me a genuine laugh for the first time all night (so much seriousness; no one knows how to laugh anymore).
Plus, it was a Kia commercial advertising their new crossover car, and after all,
“Kia is the car God himself would drive.”

Thank you! Finally someone made a UNITED statement instead of a DIVISIVE one.

So simple but very powerful because after all, Football is an All-American sport.

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