#TVReview: Where Have All The Good Shows Gone? #BeyondReview

I don’t know about you but I hate when I get into a show only to get the report that it wasn’t renewed. You ask yourself, Why not? and wonder why some shows make the cut despite  low-intelligence content (Mistresses got renewed, ugh).

Thankfully, Netflix has stepped up as the saving grace for deceased television network projects.

Before I get to my review of Beyond, let’s all take a moment of silent reminiscing shows that I’ve fallen head over heels for, and had to watch them be wheeled off set in a white sheet.


i was stoked for this show because it had a lot of potential. Starring Dean Cain (Superman), Kirsten Storms (Zenon Disney Channel Movies, GH), and Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan), it only aired about two episodes before ending shortly and abruptly and could never hope to be saved by Netflix because it aired in 2004 (pre-Netflix streaming days).


Starring Rachel Bilson (The O.C.), this project from tv great Josh Schwartz (O.C., Gossip Girl) had a four year run following the story of Zoe Hart and how she went from big time emergency room doctor in the Big Apple, and how she finds out her biological father lives in Alabama. When she finds out he has passed away and reads his will, her Big Apple life gets a bit of a taste of Southern hospitality. I loved how wholesome it was, the romantic story lines, the relateable characters (even Lemon turns out to make you tear up as you continue to watch). Thankfully! I caught up with the show on Netflix in order to watch the fourth and final season when it aired live on  the CW. Rumor has it, the show ended because Bilson got pregnant and they could find no one to hold a candle to her portrayal of the role of Zoe Hart. Either way, I was sad to see it go. I could have lived vicariously through Zoe, George, Lemon, and Wade until the end of time.


When this show first aired, I didn’t really know if it was going to make it. Yet, I watched the episode titled, “Nugget of Wisdom,” and laughed my butt off. It was genuinely funny!

Plot-wise, the show follows  the life of Eliza Dooley, a woman obsessed with the idea of achieving fame through the use of social media platforms, including Instagram, where she regularly posts selfies. She begins to worry that “friending” people online is not a substitute for real friendship, and she seeks help from Henry Higgs, a marketing image guru.

Thankfully, the whole series is now available for streaming via Hulu.


No!!! Not the spin-off to Boy Meets World! Dang. Both my mother and I sobbed like babies when the last episode aired on January 20, 2017. I very much appreciate how they ended it but I don’t appreciate that Disney Channel has stopped making shows that last for at least four years. Boy Meets World lasted for seven seasons, people. I blame the higher percentage of young kids with mobile devices. It’s causing for an epidemic of short attention-itis.


This show, focused around a NYPD detective named Laura Diamond, lasted two seasons before it was canceled. Debra Messing was amazing in this, and I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode. Thankfully, you can now stream the entire series via Netflix.

Beyond Review


FreeForm did something different with this show. They released all ten episodes of the first season to encourage binge watching. Well, thank you, FREEFORM! It worked. From the first scene until the last scene of the tenth episode, I was hooked. Right away, I happened upon the trailer, I could tell it had a spiritual theme and sensed that it was about a near-death experience. Yet, this show was even more than I anticipated. It had romance, steamy hook-ups, science fiction elements, and the infamous “realm.”


After 12 years, Post-Coma Holden (played by Burkely Duffield) sure woke up looking like a damn dreamboat.

The Smart Cookie hopes that this show Beyond never dies a short, abrupt cancellation death.

Good news among the fandom is that it was already renewed for Season 2. tumblr_lxz93dxv5x1r3lt5ho1_250

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