#BookReview: Simply Biographies both short and sweet

Each Biography is less than a 100 pages and is written by a different author. It runs under the Great Lives series put together by Simply Charly. On this site, you can find not only the books included in the series but a ton of products featuring those written about in the books such as Dickens or Faulkner. I chose these two books to feature because they were both about GREAT writers.


This book taught me a lot about Charles Dickens that I wasn’t aware of. He suffered a lot of tragedy throughout his life.

Did you know?

  • A lot of his characters were based off family or kin such as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol was based off his son Henry.
  • He was the first author recorded to do public readings.

With a short overview of Dickens life and career, this account focuses on the roots of his writing through the lens of personal experience. We also see how much passion Dickens has for the theater, public readings and social activism.


I was only slightly aware of Faulkner because of The Sound and The Fury that high school English teachers oggle over but I really wasn’t too aware of Faulkner’s background.

Did you know?

  • Faulkner married the only girl he was ever taken with.
  • Faulkner was conceived as a Southern racist during his lifetime.
  • William had an extramarital affair with script girl Meta Carpenter who he met while writing scripts for MGM studios in association with Disney.
  • He was hospitalized every three months due to alcoholism throughout the 1950s.
  • He won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1949, which allowed for him to never again struggle with money troubles.

Overall, I wouldn’t name these as the best books I’ve ever read but they are worthy biographical short reads that you definitely should check out to learn more about some of the GREATEST people human history has ever known.

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