#ICYMI: New music from Greer

As most of you all know, I love finding new music. It’s like the same feeling as when the coffee from my Starbucks espresso kicks in. It gets my adrenaline pumping and boosts my mood. The feeling intensifies when the music is really good, and I become obsessed with the song or songs. For example, right now I’m obsessed with the song Just Like Fire by Pink. It’s melodic, punk enough to not be candy coated, and it’s written and performed by Pink, whose music has helped me through many trying times in my life. Once again, this song hits a high note.

In the same way, independent pop artist Greer has released two new songs recently that are equally as mood-boosting. Affiliates

“Love Me Less”: a club anthem with the message of being who you are despite the pressures someone you love puts on you.

“Deal With The Devil”: Not really for me as a born-again Christian as I’m not looking to make a deal with the devil in any way but thanks Greer for suggesting this. The beat on this track is sick, though.