#BeautifulUncertainty by @MissMandyHale aka @TheSingleWoman is a certain success!

As mentioned in a previous post on this site, I’ve been a loyal reader and follower of Mandy Hale since 2010, the same year I believe The Single Woman movement truly began. One thing I loved about Mandy’s first book, Dash of Sass is that it was a compilation of her blogs and tweets as The Single Woman.


Her second book, Never Been To Vegas, was a memoir of sorts where Mandy told her entire life story and as readers we discover her entire back story, as well as her launch of The Single Woman brand, Twitter, and blog site, and following her on-again off again relationship with Mr. E, who Mandy loved. I happened to be a member of Thomas Nelson’s book launch effort for this book as part of The Single Woman Crew and blogged a review of Never Been To Vegas on my personal blog. All in all, as someone who was still in college finishing up my marketing degree at the time, dreaming of becoming a publicist for an up and coming musician or author, I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of #SWCrew and also happened to make a few friends that way that I still talk to now and then. pablo (1).png

#BeautifulUncertainty is Mandy’s third book released through Thomas Nelson and is a combination effort of both of her first two books. As a loyal reader of her blog, I found the book to be a bit familiar as the book is a compilation of multiple blog posts that first appeared on The Single Woman site. Yet, there also was a heartfelt honesty in Mandy’s writing throughout (which is what we all love most about her) that gripped me from the first page all the way through to the acknowledgements. pablo (2)

Maybe it was the sense of familiarity that hugged me from the first page to the last but it was almost as if I was sitting at a table in a coffee shop with Mandy herself, talking about life, and having her share her faith with me. There were times the book made me smile, there were times the book made me cry, but the best part of reading this book, is it brings you right to the feet of Jesus, where you find him kneeling down with his hand on your shoulder, ready to comfort you and guide you through the beautiful uncertainties of life.pablo (3)

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#BookReview, Letting Go & Moving On by @MissMandyHale


I know her as my Twitter Bestie and see her like a big sister but most people know her as The Single Woman. I remember the first day I found out about Mandy Hale. One of my followers on Twitter, (it may have been Mastin Kipp but that’s not exactly certain) retweeted her tweet. I can’t remember what the tweet said but obviously it spoke to something in me because next thing I knew I was checking out her blog and following her myself. Her message, told through straight to the matter sometimes humorous tweets and very personal anecdote style blog posts, has given a voice to millions worldwide. The thing that sets Mandy apart from the rest is that she is an example of learning how to wait for God’s best while not settling in love, in your career, or any other area of life. Yet, one thing that resonates with me is that she is a voice for all the single women out there that still haven’t found Mr. or Ms. Right but won’t let what others say take her out or cause her life to stop in anticipation of the moment when true love does happen.

Letting Go and Moving On was Hale’s first ever published work, which was published in 2012 by Telemauchus Press which is a self-publishing company. Yet, Hale published it after she already started her online platform as The Single Woman and was up-and-coming in her online presence.

What I love about this book is that it is Hale just reaching out to her audience in all honesty and completely with her own voice. It echoes her early blog posts that caught my attention back in 2010. Though it’s not the best written work I’ve ever read, I definitely enjoyed it because it was a good reminder of the art to let go and move on.

The book includes some of Hale’s early Single Woman tweets throughout because the book is only available in e-book format. The book follows the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, and the HOW plus hits on the five major areas where people have to let go in: Relationships, Jobs, Opportunities, Friendships, and Grievances.

Currently, if you pre-order Mandy Hale’s upcoming release Beautiful Uncertainty, you can get this book as a free gift. Today, Mandy Hale has over 608,000 on her The Single Woman twitter and is a NYT best-selling author of Never Been To Vegas buy My Luggage Has. Connect with her on social media today and let her message inspire you today. Letting Go and Moving On is available for purchase on Amazon.

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