Elle King Will Make You “Love Stuff” Off Her Debut Album


I bet you don’t know who Elle King even is. If, like myself, you came across a blurb about her in Cosmopolitan magazine, you googled her single “Ex’s and Oh’s” because they said you would be playing on repeat. Cosmopolitan magazine was not playing. From the moment I found this video 

I had it on repeat. That was two weeks ago. On February 17, 2015, Elle King’s debut album Love Stuff was released by RCA records. Daughter of famed comedic actor Rob Schneider, Elle King’s bluesy rock and roll sound could make her the female version of Jonny Lang. My favorites from the album beside the single Ex’s and Oh’s  are America’s Sweetheart (a song that declares she is who she is and “if you try to change her, you can go to hell,”) and Make You Smile. Trust me, with one listen, Elle King will command your attention and make you love the stuff she sings about.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on DailySelectBlog.com in February 2015 which has since been shut down. Writer owns all copyright to the above review.

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