#MusicReview: From Rags to ‘Hell’s Kitchen Angel’ with @Maxgschneider’s new album

Max Schneider has already made me cry. Now I know what you’re thinking but let me clarify. He made me cry because he followed me on my personal account via Twitter. As a Schneider Monkey (fans of Max Schneider; hinting to Max’s love for monkeys) since June 2012, I never thought the day would come when I would be noticed by such a talented and handsome singer-songwriter but enough fangirling, let’s get to chatting about who Max is for those who don’t yet know.



Max Schneider is an actor/singer from Woodstock, New York who started performing at the early age of three. He started out dancing on his coffee table and ended up dancing on a broadway stage where he starred in the musical 13. After this, he was signed to a talent agent at the age of fourteen, and went on to appear on many different television appearances, including being featured in a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign alongside Madonna.

He’s best known (and I became a fan of his) after watching him alongside Keke Palmer in the Nickelodeon musical movie, Rags.

#FunFact: In Rags, @Maxgschneider sings in “Someday” a line in which his character sings, “Someday I’ll be the next big thing” How true that is today. #HellsKitchenAngel

He also was a star of the musical Nickelodeon show “How To Rock.” He’s been writing music and released two EPs, First Encounters in 2010, and Say Max EP in 2014. His music career took off when he started doing covers and posting them on Youtube. This and his acting career with Nickelodeon helped him catch the attention of Victoria Justice, who invited him to open for her on her “Making It In America” national tour.

His rise to fame came this year when he was simultaneously signed to DCD2 records, alongside labelmates Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, and many notable others in the music world. He also released his first single from the label, “Gibberish” ft. Hoodie Allen. His music video for this track was used to promote the Youtube Music Awards.

This past summer, Max went on the Boys of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy. He just finished up touring with R5 on the Sometime Last Night Tour. After releasing EP’s since 2010, Hell’s Kitchen Angel is Max’s debut studio album.

Song by Song Review

“Hell’s Kitchen Angel”: The title track off the album, referencing to where Max grew up, the section of New York known as Hell’s Kitchen, this track’s musicality is soulful with sound of a music baby made by James Brown and Bruno Mars.

“Gibberish”: Max’s first single with the DCD2 record label, this track will have you dancing no matter who’s done you wrong. Featuring a rap verse by Hoodie Allen, this song never gets old is still one of my favorites off the album.

“Wrong”: If you’ve ever wanted to know what Max’s killer vocals sounded across an EDM-style backtrack, this song will grant your wish. It’s all types of wrong but as the song says, “it’s better when it feels wrong,” this song is a head-banger for sure, in every way.

“Holla”: Like the soulful Max Schneider signature version of Fetty Wap’s “My Way,” this song will have you singing along and it will definitely make you holla, holla, holla. As soon as I heard this song, I knew it was destined to be played on every radio station around the country. Top 40 radio, ya hear me?!

“Lights Down Low”: This will be played at my wedding, that’s a fangirl promise. As soon as I heard this song, I was blown away by how good the writing was (it reminds me of an Ed Sheeran song meets One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber) and of course, Max’s soft vocals across an acoustic guitar track are like a Schneider Monkey’s dream come true. Now if Max could just sing this to me, one one one, all my fangirl dreams will have come true. Hey Max, holla at your girl. I’ve got Lights Down Low #OnRepeat for sure.

“10 Victoria’s Secret Models”: I’d love to see Max perform this during an upcoming Victoria Secret Fashion show but I love the vibes, the musicality, and the lyrics of this track. Dang, I’d love to find out who he wrote this song about. She must have been some broad.

“Home”: EDM musicality while Max’s vocals slay the entire track like some rock god ninja. Be careful, this is definitely an earworm in the making.

“Mug Shot” Say Max, OHH! A Schneider monkey throwback meets rap powerhouse Sirah. I was not prepared for her rap verse and it’s greatness on this track. Totally brought the musicality of this song up to a whole new Schneider level.

“Basement Party:” Since I’m writing this on a Friday night, this track is a head nod to the party lifestyle of New Yorkers, but it’s musicality will make you want to have a dance party anywhere you are: the car, the shower, in your bedroom all by yourself. Get it on.

“Lost My Way”: Concluding the album in a perfect finale of dance party meets Max Schneider vocal slaying ballad, it’s an honest song about remembering where Max came from and never forgetting that.

As a Schneider Monkey that has been with Max while he was still hoping for a record deal while jamming out on his ukelele even after the greatness of “Rags,” I couldn’t be more proud of Max’s success and this album. One listen, and he’ll have you saying “MAX!”.

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