#MusicReview: Ryan Follese EP; I Like It Like That

It’s okay if you like myself felt this incredible urge to grab a hairbrush and start singing along after that title. Hot Chelle Rae is one of the greatest rock/ pop rock bands that ever came onto the music scene. Yet, today, the spotlight gets a little brighter for the lead singer as he steps out as a solo artist with a brand new EP.

Ryan Smiling

There’s no denying a smile like that comes from finally finding the thing that clicks, the right groove, the right chord, the niche that floats  your boat. Ryan Follese, oldest son of famed country songwriters Adrienne and Keith Follese, (“The Way You Love Me” by Faith Hill; “Something Like That” by Tim McGraw), Ryan recently figured out why he kept writing country songs despite being one-third of an American pop band). Being that he was born into it and raised in Nashville, he hit all the right notes right out the gate when he sat down to write this EP. Yet, that doesn’t mean it was any less work than any other music project. He spent two years working on it with his family and various music geniuses at Big Machine Label Group. He was officially signed June 15, 2016. And I couldn’t be happier that not only is Ryan making music but his heart is overjoyed and it definitely shows with this six-song EP baring his name.Ryan-Follese

Song by Song Review


“Put A Label On It”: A song that discusses that moment when you want everyone to know that you not only found someone but you can’t wait to tell the world. Favorite lyric: “I can read you like a book girl. And we’re on the same page.”

“Wilder”: One of my favorites off the EP because it showcases Ryan’s heart but still has an up-tempo melody and rhythm. And love the banjo on the backtrack. Favorite lyric: “Like a couple of kids in the dark playing with fire just to see how hot we burn.”

“One Thing Right”: The perfect song to come home to play on repeat after a long rough day at work. For me it’s a song I dedicate to my dogs (cheesy I know) because it touches on that one person or people who make you want to become better, and also help you shrug off the mistakes you made yesterday. Definitely a Southern wedding song.

“Lose A Little Sleep”: For Hot Chelle Rae super fans like myself, this song has a pop anthem feel but with plenty of country transitions so you get a little taste of both genres. Definitely a hit for sure plus it really exhibits Follese’s handsome vocal range.  Favorite lyric: “24/7 365 you’re in my head. Only one number on my speed dial. Like I’d forget.” Oh my swoon! 😍 😍 😍

“Growing Up”: My favorite off the EP for sure because it’s way relatable for me right now in my life (graduate college only to struggle to find a job in my field, forced to work a part-time job in order so that I don’t become the typical starving artist). Favorite lyric: “They say I gotta grow up but right now I’m feeling too young.”

“Float Your Boat”: I spent most of middle school to people asking me for life advice: “Whatever floats your banana boat” so this song speaks to me on a spiritual level. For my feature piece/ full review on this track, #ICYMI.

Overall, I see big things for the lead singer of my favorite band. I see someone who has the talent musically to go far as a solo artist and really come into who he was born to be all along. Whatever floats your boat, Ryan. I’m totally in support of.

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