#BookReview: The Dean Machine by Dylan Lee Peters and #Giveaway

1462700_997072326995337_9104105388963935586_o.jpgGrowing up one of my favorite books and a staple in my childhood was The Giver. Then, for some reason, I basically forgot how much I loved science fiction in order to pursue YA fiction, etc. Then, I started reading this book and wow, what a READ! From the first page, I was hooked. Why? Well, let me tell you that the main character of this novel isn’t Dan Delacor but his dog, Dean.

Written in memory of the author’s own dog Dean, there was a part in the beginning of the novel that literally encapsulated all that I miss about my own soulmate and best friend Geniveve who left to visit the rainbow bridge in the end of July 2015. I definitely teared up. I love the dystopian futuristic feel this novel has and everything about it worked smoothly and efficiently like any machine might.

This book itself is a machine with a heart that beats perfectly in sync with those that choose to read it. Some may call it a “heart bond” made just for you.



To keep up with Dylan Lee Peters other works and works in progress, please visit his Twitter and his site.

To keep the machine that is this site running, I’m holding another giveaway!

Two winners will win copies of The Dean Machine straight from the author.

All U.S. only entrants can enter here.

Hutschenreuther Annual Edition Christmas 2016 - New items are available!

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