#BookReview: A Magical Journey To The Magician’s Workshop

The Chronicles of Narnia was a powerful standard for allegorical fantasy. Some believe even Harry Potter holds Christian symbolism but two novels I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading( or should I say devouring) were The Magician’s Workshop Vol. 1 &2.

They are written by Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr, co-authors of this incredible prospective trilogy, from Wandertale Press. It’s YA Fantasy and is colorful, enchanting, and so mega!

I will review each book as it’s own stand-alone work instead of as a set.


The book follows seven main characters as they find out who on the island will be revealed to have a color which makes them a contender for the prestigious Magician’s Workshop, where they will train with some of the Island’s greatest mages and magicians, and be known as some of the great predecessors.

I loved how well-written, compelling, and complex each of the characters were as well as the overall story and setting of the book. It’s a coming of age story that anyone can find positive messages hidden between the lines in, no matter what age the reader may be.

pablo (5).png

pablo (6).pngpablo (7)



The story continues as it opens with the Color Ceremony revealing the fate of the island’s young mages. More relatable storylines and emotive character flaws are found in the sequel but both books take you on a compelling and adventurous journey that gives light to the notion that anything really is possible if you can imagine it.

pablo (8).png

For updates on the release of the third novel, visit http://www.oceea.com/

I certainly can’t wait to find out when it’s out so I can find out what happens next!

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