Creatives: How to Get Your Work Seen

Being a creative entrepreneur is a unique and challenging experience where uncertainty can be a constant obstacle. Succeeding in a field such as art, fashion, music, or writing requires that people see and engage with your work, and achieving this can be challenging. By taking the right steps and being willing to leave your comfort zone, you can have the creative career you’ve always dreamed of.

You Need an Audience

For your work to go anywhere important, you’ll have to get it in front of the right people. If you create visual art or clothing, starting with local shows and events can help you get your feet wet and reduce anxiety about how your work will be received. These initial audiences can also give you a good sense of how your work may be interpreted and help you tweak aspects that aren’t resonating. Consider submitting work to trusted publications and contests too. Network and collaborate with fellow creators to share contacts and networks and speed up this process.

A Business Can Legitimize You

As you grow in your craft and attract more customers or clients, you’ll encounter tax requirements and other legal restrictions that make it beneficial to have an LLC. Structuring your business as an LLC empowers you to do business under a protected name and can reduce your personal liability in case your business faces legal or financial difficulties. LLCs also yield tax benefits. Each state has its own rules for LLC formation, so check the rules in your state.

Marketing Is Key

You must believe in your brand if you want others to support and invest in it. Marketing your work can be nerve-wracking, but it’s necessary to expand awareness of your brand. One way to help make your work more marketable is to create a quality logo. A logo gives potential customers brand awareness and differentiates you from other artists and competitor businesses. Hiring someone to design a logo can be expensive, but online tools are available that allow you to do it yourself for free. Select icons, insert words in a variety of styles, and choose colors that resonate with your brand.

You Need Space To Work

Having a consistent and peaceful place to work on your craft is invaluable for growing as a creative. Instead of renting an external space, consider updating an old/unused room into a new multipurpose room to suit your needs. This is a great way to save money and potentially add value to your home. After making any significant improvements to your property, record these changes so the home might appraise for a higher value when the time comes to sell it. Be mindful of the costs of potential renovations and how much space you really need.

Believe in Yourself

Putting your work out there is scary and takes confidence and resilience. Consider starting a business to simplify the financial aspects. Design a logo to increase brand awareness, and use creative marketing techniques to attract attention and stand out. For additional help with marketing your creative endeavors, contact The Smart Cookie Philes.

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