#NationalPoetryMonth: Notes I Wrote Along The Way by Matthew Gutierrez Review

Have you ever been completely swept off your feet by a book of poetry? I have many many times. The first time it ever happened I was in college and found a poet on Tumblr and I covered my dorm walls with their words.

Yet, recently sitting down to delve into Notes I Wrote Along The Way by Matthew Guttierrez I found myself in that same place, absolutely glued between the covers of his poetry collection, slowly digesting each and every poem as it spoke to my soul as nothing else has. 

As a poet myself, I find that to be an inspiring moment and a revelation of the true talents that poet has as if I feel inspired to write a piece after reading one of theirs then I truly know I was taken on a journey with the poet, and got to metaphorically walk in their shoes.

And sometimes those shoes are quite big, stuck in quicksand, lost and alone, feeling like a failure, heartbroken, grieving or just pondering a unique perspective of the human experience.

Matthew Gutierrez writes of memory, environment, love, sexual desire, dreams, madness, and death but they all speak to something profound and poignant.

Gutierrez’s word choice and imagery are what struck such a chord with me while reading this collection, and it makes me hungry for more work from this poet as I am certain this poet has many more notes that will need be written along the way.

Coming this Wednesday…stay tuned for an interview with Matthew himself.

For more from Matthew Gutierrez, follow him on Instagram @notes2poetry and @matthewjames_g

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