#BookReview: Romance in Paradise, yes please.

Romance is a tricky genre to write. You can’t let the two lovers get together too soon or it comes off cliche. All I knew about this book was that it was a historical romantic fiction set on fictitious island and the main character was a child of a missionary.

Title: Guardian of Paradise

Author: W.E. Lawrence

Rating: Four Out of Five Cookies

Turns out, I was not prepared for all this book has to offer, and I’m not just talking about your greatest fantasy island getaway (aqua clear water; lush green landscape; wild animals hidden in the depths).

As you read (if your female), you automatically identify with beautiful, strong-willed twenty six year old main character Kira Wall, who’s parents died during her youth when they first came to the island as missionaries from Australia. Her strong-will is immediately seen in the faith she was raised in, knowing that God has a great plan for all that have faith in him and his desire to be good to those that diligently seek him, and heaven is the ultimate reward and all it offers for such faith.

As you read (if your male), you automatically identify with handsome, lady’s man Doctor Trevor Marshall, a botanist who hopes to find a natural ingredient on the island that will help humans live longer and stronger while on Earth.

Neither male nor female reader will be able to stop reading the instant Kira and Trevor appear on the same page, and lock eyes for the first time.

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About The author: W. E. Lawrence graduated in 1978 from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BS in business administration. Despite wishing he had taken more courses in journalism and communications, he has run a successful home health care supplies distributorship for the past twenty-three years.

Passionate about God, writing, reading, family, sports, politics, and America, Lawrence currently lives in Davidson, North Carolina, with his lovely wife and their two wonderful children.

Wolves, Love, and Adventure: The Makings of a Great Novel #BookReview

Lately, I’ve noticed I really enjoy historical fiction. Even though, it’s no surprise that this novel grabbed me by the shirt collar from the first page. It reminded me of the amazing books I couldn’t get enough of as a child, Little House On The Prairie books.

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Title: Maggie Elizabeth Harrington Vol. 1

Author: DJ Swykert

Rating: 4 cookies

This book had all I love in a novel. A strong female lead, a girl trying to make sense of her surroundings, and a love story. Maggie Elizabeth may be 13 but because she questions everything, she’s incredibly intuitive. Did I mention that she lives in 1893? Despite that huge gap in centuries, the issues discussed throughout this novel are still relevant in 2017.

Some issues discussed thematically are animal cruelty, religious sects, the Bible, life, death, and the in-between.

A Giant Page Turner: Proof by Ted D. Berner #BookReview and #Giveaway

I am a huge fan of science fiction. I have been since I was young. I couldn’t get enough of those “My Teacher Is An Alien” books. Now that I am older, I am intrigued by historical fiction just as much. The key to great fiction is to create tension within each temperature. This is done by allowing to know the reader certain things the characters don’t yet know.

Title: Proof 

Author: Ted D. Berner

Rating: 5 cookies

Proof is an excellent example of this concept. I was hooked from the beginning but found some familiarity in the content. I was intrigued by how a story could be weaved from a simple Bible verse in Genesis 6:4:


Then, the story became even more intriguing because of the actual historical research Berner uses to weave a mystical tale of whether giants do exist.

Some questions that may come up may be:

  • Do giants exist?
  • How were the pyramids built?
  • Who was Edward Cayce?
  • How was the Coral Castle built?

From the first page until the very last, Proof will have you fervently reading and wondering whether these theories are true. Given the chance, you should venture toward the mystical adventure ahead.

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