#CMAAwards What You See Is What You Get by Luke Combs Album Review

You may know that song that opens with the line “She starts her day with a coffee and ends with a wine. She takes forever getting ready and she’s never on time for anything.” Long before Luke Combs was crooning the very heartfelt romantic jam “Beautiful Crazy,” he was writing and performing songs even as young as high school.


Combs was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to Asheville at the age of eight. While in high school, he performed with multiple groups, including a solo performed at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall.  He was in fourth year at Apalachian State University where he performed his first country music show at the Parthenon Cafe. He later moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in music. In early 2016, Combs started dating Nicole Hocking and the two became engaged in November 2018.

luke and fiance.jpg

He was signed to Sony Music Nashville in May 2017.  In June 2017 he released This One’s For You and it reached #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and number five on the US Billboard 200 in its first week. The re-released  version of this album reached #1 on the Country Airplay chart, along with Hot Country Songs, Country Streaming Songs, and Country Digital Song Sales.

On June 11, 2019 he was invited to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.


The album serves as good synopsis of who Combs is.


Notable Tracks

Lonely One, Beer Can, Don’t Tempt Me, When It Rains It Pours, Honky Tonk Highway, Houston, We Got a Problem are all some of the ones I enjoyed on this album.

She Got The Best of Me: pablo (1).png

Hurricane: The lead single from the artist once he was on a major label. It hit #1 and is about how hurricanes leave lasting damage that takes time to repair. In the same regard, Combs is hurt hard by seeing an ex out in public, damaging his heart and it’ll take time to repair.

Beautiful Crazy: The song that basically made the world fall in love with Luke Combs as an artist, an acoustic, very personal love song with the same heartfelt lyrics and musicality as Brad Paisley’s “She’s Everything.”



Song by Song Review

Beer Never Broke My Heart: My fave song on this album because it’s a catchy song and leaves you with a light infectious buzz just like your favorite beer.

It discusses how there aren’t many things in life you can count on but beer is the one thing you can.pablo (6).png

Refrigerator Door: A new take on the saying “home is where the heart is.” The refrigerator door holds memories that can sometimes be forgotten but hold a special place as you can view them reliving all the moments. Basically, small items that hold a lot of meaning.

pablo (5).png

Even Though I’m Leaving: This track describes Comb’s relationship with his father, and how they are still together in spirit. Alternatively, the song showcasing the bigger picture of how a child relies on their guardians when they are young, but becomes more independent and grown as they become an adult. It also shows that once that guardian has passed, they have left, but haven’t left your side.

pablo (2).png

Lovin’ On You: A unique take on how someone makes you feel. How some things make you feel. How some things make you feel happy and joyful, but states that none of them give you the feeling of lovin’ on that special someone in your life.

pablo (3)

Moon Over Mexico: A somber and loving style track about the buzz of a moment in time with the one you love.

pablo (4).png

1,2 Many: A collaboration with Brooks and Dunn styled after the 90’s country music Combs grew up with. It discusses drinking too much, and is the ultimate honky tonk song.

pablo (18).png

Blue Collar Boys: A song about guys that work hard at trade jobs and still can’t by. It’s a hard-working American’s anthem.

pablo (17).png

New Every Day: A song about how every day is like a classroom where you can learn many life lessons.

pablo (16).png

Reasons: A song about the numbing effects of heartbreak

pablo (15).png

Every Little Bit Helps: A song about getting over someone you used to love day by day.

pablo (10).png

Dear Today: A letter Luke wrote to his future self. It starts out acoustic which gives it a genuine heartfelt sound.

pablo (9).png

What You See Is What You Get: A song that boldly declares who Luke is and with no shame whatsoever

pablo (7).png

Does To Me: A Collaboration with Eric Church about being a simple person and standing up for what you believe in.

pablo (8).png

Angels Workin’ Overtime: A bluesy song about pushing the limits in life that your guardian angels have to work overtime to keep up with you and your ways.

pablo (11).png

All Over Again: A song about two people who aren’t meant to be but won’t quit each other.

pablo (12).png

Nothing Like You: A song comparing the beauty in different places across the country doesn’t compare to the beauty of the one you love.

pablo (13).png

Better Together: A love song about things that go well together including you and the person you love.

pablo (14).png

Comb’s new album is just like a tall foaming glass of beer goes down smooth and leaves you feeling buzzed in the best way. It’s definitely a country music masterpiece.

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